For an ideal comfort inside our camper it is essential to keep the humidity factor under control. Often we find condensation in windows and interior surfaces. These conditions make us experience a stressful situation, preventing us from enjoying a well-deserved relaxation.


The main consequences derived from too much humidity in the cabin are to be found in the accumulation of surface condensation, this leads to the formation of mold and bad smells, which undermine the comfort inside our mobile home. In some cases, the thin condensation droplets can infiltrate and damage the electronic components. Another problem not to be underestimated concerns tanks. In these containers the formation of algae and the accumulation of bacterial fillers is frequent.

The solutions is…X-Move®!


X-Move® is a patented device that acts on tensions making it converge on it. In this way the electrostatic currents are concentrated
in one point, preserving the life of the metal and wood components and of the electronic instruments.

BEFORE installing the device, we observe humidity inside the camper and consequent condensation in the surfaces as it is affected by static currents. Similarly, due to the above tensions, we find the formation of algae in the tanks.

AFTER the installation of X-Move® the stray currents are kept under control by the device, extending the life of the instruments and improving the internal comfort.


The device is easy and quick to install, it can be carried out by anyone and does not require special equipment. Simply glue the device to the center of the vehicle, even inside a piece of furniture, using the supplied adhesive.





X-FLOW® is a registered mark, patented device and cerified:

Bio Concept bio concept     Not subject to certificazione CE

CEM certification