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One of the biggest enemies of the clean house is definitely the limestone. It is the cause many widespread and common problems that affect most of the houses.
rubinetto-calcare-soluzioni     rubinetto-calcare-soluzioni

The causes of the scale deposits can be attributed to water, so-called hard. We can call it that when there is a high calcium and magnesium content. These two components form the calcium carbonate (limestone).

When water stagnates, settles these substances that harden to form the classic hard and chalky film. These deposits can also occur inside the piping, thus reducing the inner diameter of the tube and consequently also the flow that comes out.

Problems connected to the presence of limestone and, therefore, the water quality were found in the health of persons subject to dermatitis or skin problems .

Deumarine srl offers a permanent solution against limescale at home. The innovative X-CAL® product allows to dissolve the limestone from inside thus eliminating all the above problems.

X-CAL® does not need the use of electric power, anyone can install and is guaranteed for 5 years.

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