Rising damp is a problem that plagues most of the buildings in which we live. But, let’s understand together what comes from this problem. A bad waterproofing between the soil and the masonry allows the water contained in the soil back into the wall thanks to the principle of capillary action.

What are the causes and how to recognize if this problem also affects your home?

  • plaster falling off, the most obvious consequence and very frequently is the plaster that comes off, the salts in the water emerge causing the detachment;
  • patches in the masonry, the humidity creates the spots in the masonry that in the long run can cause molds which, in addition to the aesthetic damage, cause health problems for the occupants of the dwelling.

Most of the time the problem is only covered with insulating plaster or simply by plastering the damaged part. This do not eliminate the water in the masonry and the problem will recur after some time.

Deumarine offers a definitive and natural solution to remove moisture from the masonry: the X-FLOW ® device