Are we really sure of the air quality in our homes? Well most of our walls is affected by a problem which also affects our health: mold.
muffa nel muro

Molds are located in most cases in cold environments, with little air circulation and walls with great surface condensation. These not only cause aesthetic damage to housing, they are also causes of poor air quality and the occurrence of respiratory diseases in those who live there.

Under certain conditions of humidity and temperature are proliferating microbes that form the mold, these release toxins in the air, that cause major human respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, allergies.

Deumarine proposes a solution, not definitive, to consistently improve the quality of home environments.

To do this we use of special lamps that emit UV-C ultraviolet rays, also called germicidal lamps, which lead to the death of the bacteria and microbes that make up the mold. The treatment lasts about half a day depending on the needs of the masonry.

Subsequent to this treatment you must start cleaning with specific products, recommended by our technicians.