Many construction presents problems of rising damp due to the water contained in the soil that, through foundations, climbs into the masonry. This problem is generally “hidden” with the use of special plasters or injections of synthetic resins that temporarily block it. The ambients remain damp and unhealthy, the walls create molds, often causing allergies and respiratory problems.

X-FLOW® finally eliminate moisture problems

The water contained in the soil rises the masonry, we can see how this process generates tensions named galvanic currents. X-Flow® is a patented device that dissipate these currents. By doing this, the rising water is “pushed” downwards, thus drying the masonry. From the diagram we can see how

BEFORE the installation of the device the wall is affected by roaming currents that cause the rising of moisture from the ground. AFTER the installation of X-Flow®, the roaming currents fall below the masonry so that moisture is not drawn upwards. The residual moisture naturally evaporates as the masonry is no longer constantly wet, so the wall dries.

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In order to perform a solving process, we follow the process from the beginning to the completion of the drying process.


Supply and installation is preceded by a verification check to ensure the success of the intervention. Our technicians will perform various tests with the appropriate instrumentation, these measurements steps:
– detection of environmental humidity;
– detection of rising moisture in the walls including the maximum height;
– Electrosmog detection;
– detection of electrical potential in the walls;
– thermographic examination of the environments affected by the installation.


After collecting the necessary data, we will evaluate them through special tabulations. Then we can proceed with the installation. This one can last 2-3 hours


After 30 days from installation will be made the first verification inspection where we will repeat the measurements to evaluate the intervention efficacy. The measurements could be done, if necessary, up to complete driyng of the walls.


– How I realize that it is by rising damp in the walls?

It can be noted in the walls, humidity stains at variable height. From a few centimeters to some meters, with consequent degradation and damage to the plaster and to the same walls, both inside and outside of the masonry also in the central areas of the house.

– Does the device needs an electric power socket?

Absolutely not. The device is completely autonomous and does not need electric power.

– How quickly I will see the results?

From the first month following the installation the wall begins to dry out. We will make periodic checks until completely dry. At dry wall can proceed repainting.




X-FLOW® is a registered mark, patented device and cerified:

Bio Concept bio concept     Not subject to certificazione CE

CEM certification