Leaks and water leaks are a problem to be reckoned with as it will speed up the process of degradation of a building, as well as causing inconvenience in living comfort of the inhabitants.

The causes of these leaks may be: the loss of a pipe to the structural problems which affect their waterproofing. Very often these issues are a preamble to more serious inconveniences such as mold, stagnant moisture

Deumarine proposes investigative techniques providing a non-destructive and targeted intervention to locate the problem and fix it only where needed without resorting to heavy demolition.

Deumarine uses the best tools for accurate analysis:

INFRARED THERMOGRAPHY, thanks to this technology it is possible to detect leaks inside the masonry without incurring demolitions. You can obtain pictures with a range of colors to indicate the temperature in the photographed portion, allowing thus to identify the losses where there is an abnormality.

ricerca perdite infrarossiricerca perdite infrarossi

VIDEO INSPECTION, with this technique it is possible to inspect a pipe from the inside: a tiny camera through it penetrates conducted to determine the problem.


We use many other instruments to offer an accurate service and 360 degrees.