A factor that plays a key role in normal boat maintenance is moisture control. Very often, we witness condensation problems in our booth cabin, corrosion, mold and bad smells that certainly do not make us feel comfortable.


Certainly the main signal that makes us think of too much moisture is the condensate that forms on the surfaces. This facilitates the formation of mold and unpleasant odors, as well as affect and damage the electronic control devices.

The solution is…X-Boat®!


HOW IT WORKSThe boats are subject to the action of the galvanic currents, causing them to corrode. X-Boat® is a patented device that acts on the aforementioned tensions making it flow over it. By doing so, the electrolytic currents concentrate at one point, preserving the life of the metal components immersed and not, of the instrumentation and of the sacrificial anodes.

BEFORE the device is installed, the boat is affected by roaming currents that cause on-board humidity and corrosion of wiring and metal components.

AFTER installing X-Boat®, roaming trunks are kept under control by the device, stretching the life of the instrumentation and improving the interior comfort.



The device is easy and fast to install, can be done by anyone and does not require any special equipment. Simply paste the device at the center of the boat with the supplied adhesive. The only thing to do is to keep some distance from the control panel and instrument panel.



X-Boat® is a registered mark, international patented device:

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